Repair FAQs
Arjento Rings
Will I see the joins/seams where the ring was cut?

If the ring is 18ct gold or platinum it will be done seamlessly using the latest laser welding technology.

How long will it take?

,Usually 1-2 weeks. It’s sometimes quicker it all depends on how long the queue of work we have is.

I was told that my ring cannot be sized. Can you do it?

Someone told you that the stones will fall out, that it will damage the diamonds, that platinum cannot be done without removing stones, or that it can only be resized by a size or two. By far the most common ring in this situation is an engagement ring with diamonds down the side. People are told by salespeople that it cannot be sized more than a size or two or the stones will fall out. This is true – however, it does not mean that we cannot resize your ring. It simply means we will charge you a bit extra to tighten or reset the stones.

My ring or jewellery isn’t a precious metal can you help?

Despite our experience of jewellery repairs and alterations, we cannot resize or repair rings/jewellery that are not gold, silver or platinum. As much as we’d like to help, we are only set up to work on precious metals.

Are repairs done in your workshop?

We do all our workshop repairs in house.

How much will my ring sizing cost?

It depends on many things: up or down, how many sizes, if stones will need tightening, what metal it is. The average cost of the sizing a ring is usually between £58 and £120. To see our price list click HERE.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes. In fact we offer a one year guarantee on all our work unless otherwise stated.